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Little bit about Me

Bhavin Gandhi began his career as an I.T. Consultant at his Uncle’s company in early 2002. During his Bachelors in I.T. at Mumbai University, Bhavin started helping his Uncle at Gandhi Brothers, where he created various software applications to improve productivity of the business. This is what led him to Northeastern University of Boston, where he completed his Masters in Computer Science, and subsequently worked in companies like Broadcom Corporation and Book of Odds, Inc. But Bhavin’s hunger for knowledge didn’t end there, as soon as he grew in his career and took on more and more leadership and management roles; he realized the importance of leadership and management in the businesses. As a result, he went to University of Nevada – Reno for his second Masters, where he finished his MBA in Management Consulting. Now, Bhavin helps people to better manage their businesses in the 21st Century. This is reflected in his research, teaching, talks, and writing.


Work Experience:

With dual Masters in Business (MBA) and Computer Science (M.S. in C.S.), Bhavin has over 15+ years of business experience in various aspects of Leadership and Management roles, in private and public organizations. Experience includes software quality assurance, software engineering, strategic leadership and project management, for start-up to medium sized (5000+ employees) organizations, in high-tech industries.


Education Detail:

Since childhood Bhavin has been fascinated with electronic gadgets, he finished his Bachelors (B.E.) in Information Technology (I.T.) from D.J. Sanghvi College of Engineering. To get a better hold on technology and enhance his technical knowledge, he finished his Masters (M.S.) in Computer Science (C.S.) from Northeastern University; ranked #1 for its CO-OP program in the Nation by Princeton Review, Financial Times and Businessweek (2004, 2005). But his hunger for knowledge didn’t end there, as soon as he grew in his career and took on more and more leadership and management roles, he decided to pursue his MBA at University of Nevada – Reno (UNR); ranked #1 in state of Nevada and #4 in the USA for its part-time MBA in the Nation by Business Week (2009, 2010) and Princeton Review (2009, 2011), where he finished his MBA in Management Consulting.


Where am I living?

Bhavin Gandhi lives in the beautiful city of Reno (“The Biggest Little City in the World”), located in Northern Nevada. He likes to hang out with his friends & family in his spare time. On a relaxing weekend, you might find him at Lake Tahoe, capturing some fantastic photographs of the mother nature. Or you might find him in Truckee or Downtown Reno, going on a hike in the wilderness.



Bhavin Gandhi has many hobbies and interests including Photography, Traveling, Blogging, Electronics, Computer programming, and helping people with their careers. He is always open to try something new, where he can expand his horizons. Learning something new has always been Bhavin’s moto. He believes that if we are not learning, then we have stopped living.

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2 responses to “About Me

  1. utsav shah

    June 28, 2011 at 10:49 AM

    hey bhavin bhai u r man of many achievement i would like to learn many things from u

    • Bhavin Gandhi

      June 29, 2011 at 10:32 AM

      @Utsav: Thanks for your kind words. I am also learning new things everyday. And through this blog, I share the same knowledge that I gain everyday. Thanks – Bhavin Gandhi


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