Improve your business by being kind

12 Sep

BeingKindIn the past, I have talked about – how businesses/organizations are changing in the 21st Century. And it is clear that the 21st Century is not for the unprepared, rigid, or weak organizations. To be a successful organization/business in today’s fastest changing environment — characterized by technology, intense competition, global market forces, and escalating expectations — organizations need many things: customer centric approach, courage to change, continuously improving processes, and best leaders.

But I guess, I forgot to mention the personal aspect of the business – people. In today’s businesses it is becoming more and more critical to be kind with your employees. One might ask, does this even matter? Its business. What does kindness have to do with the business? Often people see business as a choice between being kind and being successful. When one couples a caring attitude toward others with a strong and savvy business approach, kindness becomes a business asset. I am sure that some of you must have experienced some kind of performance improvement in your employees when you were kind to them for some reason. Am I right? There must have been some incident, when you said “Good job” to your employee and saw some kind of performance improvement, right? Actually, the fact of today’s world is – we can no longer conduct business as usual and expect it to be successful. To be more successful in your business, we need to be more personable. We need to care about our employees to get better results. Kindness works both ways.

Lack of kindness can cost tremendously to any business. Often thought of as poor customer service, low kindness capital causes customers and clients to flee rapidly, and usually permanently. Particularly now, in the electronic age when there are so many choices, clients will simply move on if they suspect they are being treated poorly. They have many options. They will buy elsewhere, even at an elevated price, if they do not feel cared for. Companies that fail to develop kindness capital are not as successful as their kind counterparts. Highly skilled employees are also highly sought after, and they will move on too — to companies that practice corporate kindness.

So, one might ask: “I understand the importance of kindness. Now, what should I do to develop that?” Answer is very simple. Following are few ideas that you can try on:
1. Build your reputation as someone, who cares about their employees, customers, stake holders etc.
2. Give and garner reciprocal kindnesses and favors from others.
3. Learn to be someone that others like. Develop a helpful approach.
4. Be appreciative of others. Try to find good in everyone.
5. Connect with others and build a strong network.
6. Treat everyone like your own. Treat people in the way – you want to be treated.

I hope my article was helpful, and I am eager to hear your feedback. Thanks. – Bhavin Gandhi.


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2 responses to “Improve your business by being kind

  1. Patrick E. McDermott

    September 13, 2010 at 5:01 PM

    I heard a good quote the other day relating to customer service,

    “once you learn how to fake sincerity, the rest is easy”


  2. Bhavin Gandhi

    September 13, 2010 at 8:35 PM

    Nice quote, Patrick! But I would argue, be sincere and you don’t have to fake sincerity at all :).

    Thanks for the comment. – Bhavin Gandhi


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