How to demonstrate your value to your new Manager?

16 Jan

Have you ever felt that your Manager doesn’t know your value in the team? Have you ever been in a situation, where you think that you are exceeding your goals, while your performance review says something else? If you ask me, these are very common situations in professional world. I only manage 10-12 people at this time, but it becomes harder to provide personal attention to everyone in the team. So, imagine if you were to manager more than 20 people. It becomes next to impossible to provide personal attention to everyone.

I guess, my colleague (let’s call her Mrs. X) encountered a similar situation. Mrs. X came to me the other day, and told me that her new manager rated her performance really badly. I saw her past performance reviews, and they were all saying that she was above average employee in all of them. So, what happened so suddenly? Well, in her case…..she got a new Manager just few months back. And he might not have knew her potential yet.

If you were Mrs. X, what would you have done? Before I hear your answers, I would like to share my advice that I have given to her.

Meet with your Manager: If I were Mrs. X, I would have met with my Manager immediately and I would have discussed my performance review with him directly. If possible, ask your Manager if your Ex-Manager can be in this meeting too. If he allows your Ex-Manager to be in the meeting, then you can strengthen your case by getting his feedback to make your case even stronger. Make sure to give some background to your Ex-Manager before he comes to this meeting, so that he can come prepared.

Prepare your case before the meeting: Please don’t show up in that meeting without any preparation. This will look really bad on your side. So, please do a favor to yourself and prepare your case.

  • Make a list of all the accomplishments that you have done this year.
  • Highlight some of the biggest achievements that you have accomplished during the year.
  • Make sure to take your older performance reviews from HR and bring it to the meeting.
  • Jot down few points explaining why you think that you are above average employee.

Suggest some possible solutions: You can’t be right all the time. Let’s say, there is a huge conflict between your perception and his perception of your work. In this situation, rather than getting mad at your Boss, you should try to suggest some solutions. This will demonstrate to your Manager that he can trust you on taking initiative and understanding his point of view. You can start your conversation by saying “What I can do is…….we can work together to create some SMART goals for me, and let’s monitor my performance through that. In that way, we will both have shared accountability, and I will have some measurable outcome against which I can measure my performance. Also, we can arrange one-on-one periodically to go over my performance, so that we can track my progress in a better way.”

I hope these tips will help you to prove yourself in front of your new Manager. Let me know, if you have any other ideas through which you can demonstrate your value to your new Manager. Thanks. – Bhavin Gandhi


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2 responses to “How to demonstrate your value to your new Manager?

  1. Anonymous

    January 26, 2012 at 1:39 AM

    Hi Bhavin,
    Really good article.

    One of the practical situations which i sometime face is … even though i am there with my points ready … It might happen that my manager is just stubborn to not listen to my point and give me the big time gyan where i went wrong, what could have been the better way (and sometime it happens that … i am blamed to put the company in that situation or it goes other way round like … my manager is the failure since he trusted me. Matter of fact is he dint go as per my strategy and its like a suicidal attempt for me to follow his orders and dig my own grave).

    Its very embarrassing for me to bring out such points in front of seniors as the act was previously compared to that of school going kid. At the end of the day … manager should have his head high.

    How do we deal with such kind of situation?


    • Bhavin Gandhi

      January 26, 2012 at 10:21 AM

      @Anonymous: Thanks for reading my blog posts and providing your feedback. Well, your question is very reasonable. I, myself, have been in situations like those, where my Manager would take credit for all the work I did, while transfer all the blame to me for his mistakes. So, I completely understand your stand.

      In order to answer your question, I might have to go into my past and think about those experiences. Thus, I will respond to your question, only after I summarize my experiences into few ‘things to do’. I will dedicate my next blog post to your issue, and I hope to provide you a pathway through which you can resolve your issues.

      So, wait for my next blog post. You can either subscribe to my blog, or visit my website in few days. Thanks ~ Bhavin Gandhi


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