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Make your Mom-and-Pop business globally accessible in this mobile era

SmallBusinessToday’s buyers are finding new ways to shop and make purchases. With help of the Internet and various mobile devices, today’s consumers can shop wherever they want.They are surfing with small screens, using mobile apps, and taking charge of the e-commerce experience more than ever before. Thus, in this blog post I am going to provide you with few simple tips on how to make your business more accessible in this mobile era.

List your business online: In order to make your business searchable in this Google era, you need to list your business where mobile shoppers hang out. Even if you have a small website for your business, make sure you’re on the local directory of Google Places, Bing Business, and Yahoo Local Business. You should also make sure that your business is listed on the review site such as Yelp. List your products on venues like eBay Local Shopping. People love to look up reviews on their mobile devices, so make sure you’re there.

Make your site mobile accessible: In order to attract today’s mobile generation, you need to make sure that your website or online store is compatible with the mobile devices. If you are not one of those big companies, who can afford to have their own IT staff to make/update their mobile site, then you can get your own mobile site by signing up with a third party hosting services, such as Mobify. While selecting this third party service providers, make sure to check for its performance and ease of use. It should be easy for your shoppers to tap the the “Buy Now” button, and buy your product quickly.

Make your business social: If you are one of those Mom-and-Pop store, who can’t afford to have multiple employees working on your social media strategy, then its ok. You can still create a Facebook fan page for your business, and have a Twitter and a LinkedIn page for your business. Being a small business, you might not have dedicated time to publicize these social media profiles everywhere. Thus, you should take the advantage of your existing clientele by providing them incentives to like your Facebook page or follow your profile on Twitter. This approach will definitely make your business more searchable in the social media search on these new mobile devices.

Do you have any other ideas through which you can make your local business more searchable in this mobile era? I would love to hear your ideas (if any).

Thanks – Bhavin Gandhi


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