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What can small businesses learn from sellers on Craigslist?

CraigslistIf you have ever used craigslist for buying or selling your items, then you know what I mean. Now, let’s assume…. if you want to sell your 1 year old car on  What would you do in that situation? You might go to a local dealer or, and try to find out reasonable price for which you can sell your car. You might want to sell your car for a premium price, if you have detailed records of all the older services and maintenance.
Put snapshot of some artifacts: Most of the times, people put pictures to sell their items on craigslist, in order for a buyer to believe in their product. In similar way, as a small business owner, you need to put some kind of a snapshot of the company in your business plan, when you try to sell your business. Make sure to include graphical representation of company’s financial health, company’s culture, major achievements, etc. One can also use pictures of big dealings and snapshots of company’s events as a showcase for their achievements.

Be ready to bargain: 9/10 times, people expect to bargain on any given offer on craigslist. If you have ever sold anything on craigslist then you know that people will call you up and they want to meet you before buying the item. And when they meet, they basically bargain for the product. It even comes to the point where they barter. So, if you were not ready with your bargain offer and your priorities, you might lose the trade. Thus, as a small business owner, when you want to sell your business….please be ready to bargain. If possible, be ready with few scenarios of offers and counter offers.

Craigslist ad expires after certain time: In the similar manner, you should have a date on your offer. Everyone knows that you want to sell your company, and that’s why you are out in the market. But if your offer doesn’t have an expiry date then it might create issues if your business appreciates over time.

I hope these tips will help you to sell your business for a competitive price. Let me know, if you have any other ideas to sell your business effectively. Thanks. – Bhavin Gandhi

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Survival guide for first time Managers – power of presentations

In my last blog, I have given you some general idea about how meeting with your employees and your Manager on one-on-one basis will help you to understand the priorities of that team, and building a trust relationship between you and them. In this blog, I will talk about few presentations that might help you during your first few days as a Manager.

Presentation about yourself: I would recommend every manager to prepare a small presentation about themselves before they meet their team for the first time. The presentation should contain few basic information such as – basics about yourself, your management style, and your background. Keep this presentation pictorial only, i.e. presentation with only pictures, so that you can speak to your presentation instead of involving people in reading your presentation. This presentation will serve dual purpose, it will give you the opportunity to connect with your people personally and set up your priorities straight.

Presentation about your people: After you have presented your presentation during your first meeting with your team, you should arrange a team meeting with your employees, where they are supposed to do the same. Tell your employees to create a presentation about themselves with few pictures, where they can express their background, education, interests, family, etc. These presentations will give you the opportunity to know something about your employees that you might not have known otherwise. Also, this presentations might help you to find their interests and motivation criterias.

I hope these tips will prove to be helpful in your first couple of weeks as a Manager. If you know any other ways to build know your employees and introduce yourself to your new team, then please feel free to comment here. I am always looking for people’s feedback to improve my knowledge. Thanks. – Bhavin Gandhi

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